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Putting the focus on superior member care
MARCH® Vision Care (MARCH®) was founded by Glenville A. March, Jr., M.D. and Cabrini T. March, M.D. in 2001, with a groundbreaking platform in mind for delivering quality vision care — one that not only focuses on early disease detection, but also uses state-of-the-art technology to help improve communication between members and their doctors.

Fueled by their shared passion for providing unparalleled member care, both of these physicians understand the eyes aren’t just the windows to the soul, but also an important, and often telling, insight into one’s overall health.

Our vision at work

MARCH® specializes in the administration of vision care benefits for health care organizations, specifically for government sponsored programs such as Medicaid, Medicare, and Medicare-Medicaid Plans.

Partners who share our point of view

Because MARCH® prides itself in providing excellent care to members, we partner with highly trained eye care professionals who share our commitment to our mission — to be an active partner in improving health through high quality affordable vision care that focuses on early detection, education, and management through innovative, member-oriented solutions.
Our nationwide network of eye care professionals include ophthalmologists and optometrists, at both private and large retail locations, providing members with convenient access to care, including weekends and evening hours.

Additionally, our client management team has extensive years of Medicaid vision care experience and is dedicated to providing customized service to each client.

Whether you are a health care organization, plan provider, or plan member, find out how MARCH® can help you see the benefits of outstanding vision care more clearly by Contacting Us.

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